The Wellbeing Champions

The businesses, foundations, organisations and individuals that are supporting the Be Well Plan in their own ways. They may have provided funding, are offering facilitated sessions, or are actively promoting the plan to their networks.


Your investment in yourself and your people allows us to continue to build the mental health and wellbeing of our community.

Our Community

The creators, the trainers, the champions and the supporters, all working together to work towards a world where all people are equipped with skills to build their positive mental health and grow through life’s challenges

The Participants

The engine of this movement are people like you. The people who have been participating in the program since we officially launched it on the 30th of March.


We will be updating this with testimonials and other information shortly. *data is up-to-date until Aug 2020

18,503 Visits

2023 Measurement sign-ups

1,000+ Starters

The Team Behind the be Well Plan

This project is the results of the input of a large number of professionals, all of which played an instrumental role in one way or the other. We could not be more grateful to have had these splendid people involved in the Be Well Plan


The Be Well Plan collaboration

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Monique Newberry

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